Skeletal Dysplasias are a range of health conditions with a strong social burden behind them.

Awareness on rare conditions has raised and integration has improved, but there is still many social contexts in which there is a strong stigmatisation for people with SD.

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Popular culture has traditionally associated the image of people with ASDD with models or stereotypes linked to entertainment or mythology. The characterization of people with ASDD in films, TV series and books as humorous or magical characters continues today and contributes to the surrounding halo of stigma.

This situation might be even more extreme in small social spheres (school, work or small towns), where the lack of diversity makes the difference in physical characteristics more keenly felt.

Figures regarding stigma

96% of people with SD experience staring or pointing

33% have been physically touched by people in public

63% have often

felt very unsafe outside

77% have been on the receiving-end of verbal abuse

75% feel they often attract unwanted attention

12% have experienced physical violence

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